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These four audio excerpts* represent a small part of the conversations that researchers from the Institute for Anthropological Research had with the inhabitants of Korčula Island during fieldwork in June 2008.

  • Petar, wine producer and owner of an agro-tourism establishment, born and living in Lumbarda
  • Mare, farmer, born and living in Pupnat
  • Vesna, retired clerk, born and living in Blato
  • Vesna

In these two excerpts*, two people from the town of Komiža on Vis Island tell the same two stories in slightly different ways, using their local dialect (2003).

*In order to listen to the excerpts, you may need to download the Quicktime plug-in


Fieldwork on Vis Island (2003)

Fieldwork on Korčula Island (2008-2009)

Fieldwork in Lumbarda on Korčula Island: the Carnival (February 2009)